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October 2015

Noise Replaced by Silence – the Beginning of a Book.

The sequel to THIRTEEN by Shannon Peel is starting out quietly. Is this a good thing? You be the judge.

Hunger Games – Do People Get the Social Message?

This post is from my Raising Siblings to be Friends Blog I was talking with my son about the popularity of the Hunger Games trilogy and the topic came round to the underlying social message of the stories. That lead... Continue Reading → You Gotta Check it Out!

From my Carennedy Solutions Blog November 2013: (edited 2015) If you are a home owner, at some point in time you are going to need to hire a contractor. The question is who to trust? HomeStars.comĀ is a review gathering site... Continue Reading →

Parenting Mistakes 101

Parenting mistakes, we all make them. Like that time you dropped the kid, lost the kid, or a thousand other things that went wrong. My kids have given me so many mishap parenting stories that if I listed them here,... Continue Reading →

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