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November 2015

Delivering the Refugees. Book 2 Ch 1.

  Silence. White tendrils of fog rose like fingers wrapping around the boat as if some ghost from below wanted to pull it down into the black depths. Silence. Everyone willed the boat to go faster, to get to their... Continue Reading →

Communication is a Lost Art.

Communication with clients is vital, however it is severely lacking because professionals are too busy, front workers are overloaded, and the overall attitude is one of protecting the company.  It's better to say nothing than the wrong thing. Communication is... Continue Reading →

Why we care about Paris and not Beirut

I heard about the attack on Paris from Facebook. That is where I ultimately get most of my news because I don't own a TV. As the posts came in, a lie wormed it's way into Social Media and we... Continue Reading →

Jane’s Story Step One to Creating an Online Platform

Jane is 42 years old and this year she's ventured out on her own and started her own business. Great idea, except she's at a loss on how to find customers. She has literally met hundreds of people in her life, some... Continue Reading →

Online Reviews & Writers

I'm a bit bias when it comes to the importance of Online Reviews for products and services because I've seen the power of reviews. The key to online reviews is time. It takes time to find people who will read... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Shoes Movie – What’s Important in Life

Being a working parent isn't easy, especially when you can't be there for events and milestones.

Online Platform – Yikes

Yikes is right, I've made some mistakes. I'm reading 'Create Your Writer Platform' by Chuck Sambuchino and it's a bit overwhelming. I'm not that far into it and it's making me feel like I'm so far behind I'll never catch up.... Continue Reading →

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