Jane is 42 years old and this year she’s ventured out on her own and started her own business. Great idea, except she’s at a loss on how to find customers. She has literally met hundreds of people in her life, some of whom she connected with on the Social Media sites; Facebook and LinkedIn. Instead of calling her connections one by one, she can create a post to let them know about her new business. Sounds simple enough right?

In a few days she is feeling discouraged and overwhelmed because she is spending a lot of time getting nowhere. How can Jane stand out when most posts aren’t shared, commented on, or seen by the bulk of her network?

Jane decides to meet with Digital Marketing specialist, Jack, to discuss her problem.

“In today’s highly connected world it takes a plan, some work, a bit of cash, and a lot of patience to get your message out into the world and even more to convert them to paying customers.” Jack says. Jane is feeling more discouraged by this news, she was hoping for a quick fix.

Jack takes out a pad of paper and draws what looks like a bike wheel with round circles on the outer edge. In the centre circle Jack writes WebSite.

“This is where we start and from here we will create a plan of action to build a platform that will work best for you.”

“What about Facebook and Twitter?” Jane asks.

“We need to start with step one – Your website. While we work on a great SEO website, you connect with people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Find friends on social media sites and engage with them by talking about what they are posting about. Don’t post about you or share posts – Yet. The goal is to reconnect with people on their stories, not yours.”

Jane is excited now. She likes using Social Media to catch up with friends and what they do. Step one is easy. Jack has shown her a visually exciting website design for her company, which he will create, and she will connect with her network online by engaging in their stories.

She leaves Jack’s office feeling confident.


Photo on 2014-04-17 at 12.25 PMShannon Peel is a marketing professional and an author. With 20 years experience in marketing, sales, and advertising she has a broad skill set for both the online and offline world. In her novel THIRTEEN, foreign soldiers invade Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada, shutting off the power, cutting off communication and restricting travel. No Internet? What will her 13 year old hero do? 

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