I’m a bit bias when it comes to the importance of Online Reviews for products and services because I’ve seen the power of reviews.

The key to online reviews is time. It takes time to find people who will read your book and write a review on it. If you find these people they are gold – treat them well – treat them very well. If you are new to writing the first thing you need to get your head around is giving your book away for nothing and then hoping you get a review from it. I’ve given away close to 70 digital books and have received:

15 written reviews on GoodReads
23 ratings on GoodReads
3 written reviews on Smashwords
7 written reviews on Amazon
A few written reviews on blogs

In most cases one person would write a review on their blog and then post it to 2 or more review sites like GoodReads and Amazon. Out of the 23 ratings on GoodReads 15 of them are the written reviews. I have approximately 20 written reviews total from giving away close to 70 digital books. Of that I wrote close to 200 emails asking reviewers and bloggers if they were interested in a free copy of my book.

I’m trying to say it takes work to build authentic, trustworthy, and real reviews. That work does give you credibility as a writer and will help you get a book deal when you write that 2nd book.