Communication with clients is vital, however it is severely lacking because professionals are too busy, front workers are overloaded, and the overall attitude is one of protecting the company.  It’s better to say nothing than the wrong thing.

Communication is a lost art.

In this world of constant connectedness you’d think that communication would be second nature. However, companies focus on macro marketing communication, brand message, investor relations. Client service and client individual communication is being cut back as we automate.

Sales and marketing are seen as business development departments, worthy of investment. Client Service is seen as a business cost and businesses regularly cut costs.

Marketing professionals suggest that brands be personal with their social media marketing message. Thing is, pro-active communication with clients is the most personal conversation any company can have with it’s customers and they are not doing it.

As I follow up with all the professionals I have recently hired, I have to wonder how hard is it for the lawyers, accountants, bankers and Realtors to pickup the phone, type an email, or send me a text to keep me in the loop?

It’s not like I’m not paying them all a fortune or anything.