While Jane waits for Jack  to finish creating her kick butt website, she is following his advice and engaging with her friends, family, and acquaintances on Facebook.

She is learning about what her friends and family are doing, what they like, and what is important to them. She has connected with customers and discovered more about them.

She did a hashtag search of the keywords that match her new business venture and found groups dedicated to people looking for what she sold. She was nervous about interacting with people she didn’t know. After all, they were strangers and there are plenty of warning stories about the dangers of meeting people online.

To protect herself she started a new Facebook page for her business. This did two things, first it gave her business a ‘face’ or brand and it also kept her personal life separate from her business life.

Jane joined a few groups and at first she was tempted to shout out about her products and business, however she remembered what Jack had told her. Engage in their stories for now, not yours.

As she engaged in the stories other people were telling about themselves, she attracted people to ‘like’ her business’ Facebook page. She was gaining followers and she hadn’t even tried to sell something yet.

She even had a message from Jack, her social media specialist, in her inbox.


Great, you started a page just for your company. I love it. The only thing I would suggest is a professional photo of you instead of your logo as the profile pic and use the banner to showcase your business visually. This puts a face to the business and people are more open to engaging with a person rather than a business.You’ve got followers, that’s wonderful. Why not put a link on your personal Facebook profile asking friends and family to follow your business page.We need to meet to discuss a Facebook plan of action. Please call me to set up a time.


Jane makes the appointment with Jack excited about what she will learn from him next.


Have you utilized Facebook to promote your business, book, or services? What didn’t work? What would you recommend Jane do next?


Photo on 2014-04-17 at 12.25 PMShannon Peel is a marketing professional and an author. With 20 years experience in marketing, sales, and advertising she has a broad skill set for both the online and offline world. In her novel THIRTEEN, foreign soldiers invade Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada, shutting off the power, cutting off communication and restricting travel. No Social Media? What will her 13 year old hero do? 

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