Teenagers and Fiction

Parenting Teens, Writing, and Fiction



Distractions, Demands, and Deadlines

I didn't write a word for a week, which means I didn't hit my goal of 4000 words a day. Did I fail? Not Really.

I Cancelled Christmas

I've cancelled Christmas at our house and I don't feel we're missing out on anything. My kids haven't revolted or started hating me. They haven't shoved a Christmas wish list in my face.

Hope is a Four Letter Word

A writer manipulates the hopes of her characters to generate hopes in her readers. The best stories are the ones where the reader has a vested interested in seeing where the story goes because he hopes it will end the way he wants... Continue Reading →

Noise Replaced by Silence – the Beginning of a Book.

The sequel to THIRTEEN by Shannon Peel is starting out quietly. Is this a good thing? You be the judge.

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