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Shame and Parenting

Shame does not belong in a parents toolbox but it does end up there because of the messages from their childhoods.

Talking Relationships With my Son

When did this happen?  When did my little boy grow up into a man? My Teen got a Girlfriend It's midnight and my son has just got off the phone with his girlfriend, the result is another anxiety filled panic attack as... Continue Reading →

I Cancelled Christmas

I've cancelled Christmas at our house and I don't feel we're missing out on anything. My kids haven't revolted or started hating me. They haven't shoved a Christmas wish list in my face.

Anxiety Hit Today

Anxiety floods me as I sit and write. It's not the writing but the solitary feeling of loneliness that eats away at my soul. It gripped me in its clutches, feeling like ants crawling under my skin. I needed to... Continue Reading →

Hope is a Four Letter Word

A writer manipulates the hopes of her characters to generate hopes in her readers. The best stories are the ones where the reader has a vested interested in seeing where the story goes because he hopes it will end the way he wants... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Shoes Movie – What’s Important in Life

Being a working parent isn't easy, especially when you can't be there for events and milestones.

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