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Teen Siblings Record Indie Rock Song

Teen Siblings record an indie song and album due to one's determination and generosity

Writing a Book as a Marketing Tool

Writing a book to use as a marketing tool can give you credibility as an expert in your field, if done right, and it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars.

Goals, Work, and Success

It's 2:30 AM. I've woken up. Probably some truck that went by or the heartburn. I hate heartburn. What can I expect when all I've eaten is crap and some ice cream to boot. I've been so focused on writing... Continue Reading →

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The greatest love - If North and South Korea were siblings talking about love.

Valentines Day, Love and Being Single

It's Valentines Day. It's also Single Awareness Day, whatever that is. This is my third Valentine's Day as a single woman and I want to celebrate that. Being single is not a stigma, nor is it the end of the... Continue Reading →

Occupied Christmas – Part 12

THIRTEEN‘s characters try to celebrate Christmas. Click to go to – Part 1 – The Crawlspace The Goose Jack felt proud of himself as he walked toward the house with the goose on his back and his mom's gifts stuffed in his... Continue Reading →

Crazy Canuck New Year’s Blog Hop

Grand Prize Digital copies of a book from each participating author including: Altering Authority by Ashley Dooley Dead and Kicking by Lisa Emme Something in the Air by Marie Landry Magic Resistant by Veronica DelRosa The Naughty List by Cori Vidae Firefly:... Continue Reading →

2016 Alphabet of Motivation

I put together some advice for 2016 using the alphabet. Here are some words to live by in the new year. In 2016, please do not remain stuck in regret, bitterness, fear, anxiety, heartache and pain. Forgive yourself for what... Continue Reading →

My Holiday Wish for You

I may have cancelled Christmas at my house but that doesn't mean I'm void of the Holiday spirit and wishes for family, friends, and followers. This pic is of my mom 44 years ago celebrating her first Christmas married to... Continue Reading →

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