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Distractions, Demands, and Deadlines

I didn't write a word for a week, which means I didn't hit my goal of 4000 words a day. Did I fail? Not Really.

Writer’s Block = New Project

Writer's Block = New Project. This chicklit novel needs a name and I need your help.

What is Fear?

Writers use emotion to motivate characters and move them through their story. The two strongest motivators for human behaviour are fear and love. Both are on either side of a weight scale and still interact to fuel each other An... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Hit Today

Anxiety floods me as I sit and write. It's not the writing but the solitary feeling of loneliness that eats away at my soul. It gripped me in its clutches, feeling like ants crawling under my skin. I needed to... Continue Reading →

Hope is a Four Letter Word

A writer manipulates the hopes of her characters to generate hopes in her readers. The best stories are the ones where the reader has a vested interested in seeing where the story goes because he hopes it will end the way he wants... Continue Reading →

Delivering the Refugees. Book 2 Ch 1.

  Silence. White tendrils of fog rose like fingers wrapping around the boat as if some ghost from below wanted to pull it down into the black depths. Silence. Everyone willed the boat to go faster, to get to their... Continue Reading →

Noise Replaced by Silence – the Beginning of a Book.

The sequel to THIRTEEN by Shannon Peel is starting out quietly. Is this a good thing? You be the judge.

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