Teenagers and Fiction

Parenting Teens, Writing, and Fiction

Shame and Parenting

Shame does not belong in a parents toolbox but it does end up there because of the messages from their childhoods.

Teen Siblings Record Indie Rock Song

Teen Siblings record an indie song and album due to one's determination and generosity

Distractions, Demands, and Deadlines

I didn't write a word for a week, which means I didn't hit my goal of 4000 words a day. Did I fail? Not Really.

Writing a Book as a Marketing Tool

Writing a book to use as a marketing tool can give you credibility as an expert in your field, if done right, and it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars.


A comparison between the 2012 movie Red Dawn with Chris Hemsworth and my novel THIRTEEN.

Goals, Work, and Success

It's 2:30 AM. I've woken up. Probably some truck that went by or the heartburn. I hate heartburn. What can I expect when all I've eaten is crap and some ice cream to boot. I've been so focused on writing... Continue Reading →

Why Canada? Why Not USA?

THIRTEEN is set in Vancouver BC Canada and many people think it should be set in the USA. Here's why I set it in Canada.

Writer’s Block = New Project

Writer's Block = New Project. This chicklit novel needs a name and I need your help.

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The greatest love - If North and South Korea were siblings talking about love.

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